When I was a little girl, my mom would take me with her to the salon for her frequent perm appointments. I always loved the salon atmosphere. It’s energetic and upbeat. Important things are being done. It’s a place where women have common ground and make connections that they might not have been able to make elsewhere in their lives. As I went through school, I kept loving hair. Even as I was in grad school for education, I still felt the call, but I didn’t know about financial aid for Cosmetology school. So I finished my degree, and I moved to Hendersonville in late 2006. I was very lucky to be able to work with some amazing teachers and students at a local Catholic High School for 6 years. During my fourth year there, I became aware of a beauty school in White House, TN that would work with my teacher schedule. I credit my amazing hair stylist at the time, Brooke, for convincing me to finally take the plunge.

I finished my Cosmetology licensure process in January 2014, and I started working behind the chair at Hair & Body Day Spa and Salon that same week. I met Chloe 2 weeks later when she was hired, and we’ve worked in the same room ever since. When we first saw our current location at 114 North Water, we both knew it was THE PLACE. It just felt right. Do you ever feel that way about something? When you just know. I felt it as soon as I parked my car that crisp winter day. Ever since then, I’ve felt like I’m living in a dream. It’s such a great place to work, and I do so hope that you enjoy your time with us at Evergreen as much as I do.

I specialize in blended and low maintenance color options and precision and short cuts. Low maintenance color gives you options so that you aren’t tied to a 4-6 week salon schedule. I prefer to work with demi-permanent color as it does not fade as brassy as permanent color and gives us more options down the road if you want to change your look.

Here’s the thing about me– I want to help you achieve your hair goals and give you the tools for proper at-home maintenance. You might see a mullet step out of my chair, but that’s what I love– giving people the exact style they want. And if it’s not going to work, I’ll tell you that. If you’re looking for a change in your color routine, or you’d like to just talk about the possibilities, I’d love to help you.

Instagram: @jacquilong.hair
To book with me: Vagaro
Best way to contact me: jacquilong.hair@gmail.com

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