Why the name Evergreen?

You may have wondered why we chose the name Evergreen. It’s somewhat symbolic for us in that evergreen trees are known for their beautiful color throughout the barren winter months. Although we had been talking about opening a salon since 2019, the idea for the name came to us only in the months before we opened in 2021. As you know, the shutdown of 2020 was very difficult for stylists and SO many others. It caused us to take a step back and really evaluate what was important for us and our families.  In a way, it was a symbolic winter. And yet, we survived 2020 and all it threw at us. 

We also loved the idea of the seasons of life. We all specialize in low maintenance color for any age or stage in life, and Chloe and I specifically love helping people transition from permanent color to a more blended look as they grow out their natural color. On our home page, you’ll find a really concise description: “Our experienced stylists are specialists who can help you achieve your goals while keeping your hair luscious, healthy, and vibrant, just like the iconic evergreen tree.”

Finally, the color green is associated with new life and new beginnings. As I looked around during the Spring of 2021, right before we opened, I saw beautiful hues of green all around us as spring showed up in full force. And what a different place we were in compared to the Spring of 2020! So as we turned the corner on our new beginning, we wanted to leave you with a mental image that inspired us on this journey.

Picture yourself walking along a forest trail. The air is clean and cool. The sun peeks through the branches above you, and a ray of sunlight breaks through the mist ahead. Your mind is quiet, and your heart is at peace.  

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