What You Need To Know

We’re so glad you came to join us!
Let’s get started.

Because we are located on the Square in Gallatin, we ask that you allow yourself 15 extra minutes of travel time to find parking. Once you park, you might want to grab a coffee or snack at Black Press. We also have beverages and snack amenities in our waiting area. We are an open concept salon, so feel free to have a seat on our green velvet couch. We are awaiting your arrival and will be coming to the waiting area to get you shortly.

We know you are excited (so are we!), but we do ask that you wait for us in the waiting area because we may be finishing up with a client, getting more towels from the back, or waiting for sanitation protocols to complete the drying process. We want to make your visit with us “just right.”

We should also mention that our salon is not child-friendly. Salons have chemicals and sharp implements that are not appropriate for little ones. While we love seeing the littles, we just cannot accommodate them in our salon during your service appointment, especially since some appointments can last 3-5 hours. We appreciate your understanding in this as we strive to provide a relaxing atmosphere for all our guests.

Once we come get you, you’ll have a seat in one of our chairs, and we will chat all about what we may have discussed in your pre-visit consultation, what to expect, what your goals are long-term, a plan for future visits, and current hair condition as well as products you are currently using. All the things!

So what service experience should you book? That all depends on your goals. If you are just wanting a good cut, we recommend you book the “New Client Hair Cut” option. If you are wanting any sort of color or lightening service, we require an in-person consultation. (more detail here)
PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive an automated text that your stylist has accepted the appointment request within 24 hours, then you do not have an appointment in our system. Once your appointment has been accepted, you will receive a confirmation text from an automated number 72 hours before your appointment with a link to confirm and an online form to read and sign.

Send us an email, and we will do our best to help you. This line goes directly to one of the owners.

Before you leave, we will give you styling tips, help you set up your next appointment on our booking site, and answer any questions you have about protecting your investment (ie. salon quality shampoo, at-home maintenance, etc.)

Low maintenance color means you don’t have to be at the salon every 4-6 weeks for hours and hours. We have several express service options to keep up the shine and tone of your hair between the longer appointments. Some of our clients only come in once or twice a year for their “big” services.

Keep up with us on the socials! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook where we post about our Botox pop-up dates, giveaways, and all kinds of good low maintenance hair tips and styling products. There’s also the occasional funny hair reel if you’re into that.

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